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News > The Season VI Scourge of Winter for Conque...
The Season VI Scourge of Winter for Conquerors Blade has been available

My.Games and Booming Games have announced that the Season VI: Scourge of Winter expansion for Conqueror’s Blade will be available starting December 21. In this new season, players will venture into the frozen lands of Ostaria, to face a new threat and save the Northlands from desolation. Warlords from across the known world must band together to survive the long winter ahead.

To help battle the cold, warlords will be able to promote their units to the more fierce Landsknechts, Armiger Lancers, and Liao’s Rangers. The season’s rewards will also include various attires and other loot to be found along the battle pass, which you can purchase now to receive the Desecrator’s Hero Attire when the new season goes live in 11 days.

Rise up, resist, and take back the North in Season VI: Scourge of Winter! Upgrade your Battle Pass to get access to 100+ Tiers of exclusive rewards this season, including:

  •     Hero Attire: Instantly unlock the brutal Desecrator’s Hero Attire when you start your Battle Pass at Tier 1, and work towards the ultimate Archon Hero Attire at Tier 100.
  •     Unit and Horse Attire: Rally your armies to reclaim the North in the Redeemers’ Unit Attire, and ride to victory with the Archon Mount Attire.
  •     All-New Weapon Skins: Collect Hero Tokens throughout Season VI and redeem them in the Seasonal Store for 11 weapon skins, stolen away from the Scourge of Winter’s dark forces.
  •     Revamped Classic Cosmetics: Unlock Blades and redeem them for new versions of fan-favourite Hero Attire, Horse Attire, and weapon skins that haven’t been available since Season II!
  •     Emotes: Express yourself in victory, defeat, and everything in between. Special winter-themed Emotes are available in Season VI, including Throw Snow and Snow Angel!

Season VI: Scourge of Winter is now active in Conqueror’s Blade. Get your Season VI Battle Pass, blaze through new challenges, and earn your exclusive rewards today!

Do not purchase the Battle Pass for Season VI: Scourge of Winter if you have already purchased it in-game.


To transfer your Battle Pass to your character, head over to your web inventory and sign in with your Conqueror’s Blade account!.

Several new features will be coming to the next season of Conqueror's Blade, including the Defilers, hordes of demons who have taken the North by storm. They obey the orders of the Scourge of Winter, which takes advantage of the cold period to rage. The frozen lands of Ostaria will offer new dynamic climatic conditions. Also count on new PvE content allowing you to get your hands on exclusive rewards.

Here at mmocs.com, you can buy Conqueror's Blade Silver, the official ingame currency of the game. Make sure your forces are perfectly equipped before you send them to battle! Buy Conqueror's Blade Silver now at MMOGA!


Operating Hours : 6am to 2am (GMT+8)

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