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News > Royal Crown is an interesting mix of actio...
Royal Crown is an interesting mix of action-RPG and battle royale

If you are into survival MOBA games, you definitely don’t want to miss the ROYAL CROWN! Line Games Corporation recently launched a multi-platform Survival MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), in their cooperation with Meerkat Games as the developer.

Royal Crown is an interesting mix of action-RPG and battle royale. Presented in a cutesy fantasy anime visual style, it sees you skydiving from a steampunk airship onto an island and then duking it out with the other players in the map in a bid to become the last one standing.

About Battle Pass.
You will meet the new Battle Pass with the new Season of Royal Crown.
Earn Battle Stars to raise your Batte Pass tier to get tons of presents! Battle Pass of the season can be purchased and used only during that season.

*You cannot claim any previous season's goods once the season ends. Don't forget to claim all the Battle Pass goods before the time ends!

Choose your Fighter Class carefully
There are 15 different fighter classes to choose from. But not all the characters will be unlocked, initially. As the player makes progress in the game, more characters will get unlocked. All the characters possess a unique set of skills. Hence, a lot of survival strategies open up at the player’s disposal. Initially, you’ll get to choose a fighter either from the ‘Warrior‘, ‘Pursuer‘ or ‘Death Knight‘ class.

By playing ROYAL CROWN, you will experience a blend of gameplay between RPG and survival MOBA. Besides hunting and eliminating other players to be the final survivor, you can also explore the map to search for hidden items spread across the field and hunt field monsters to gain even more EXP and level up faster. On top of everything, you can also collect & cook food ingredients together, farming trees, mine ores, and even create your own items.

Alongside the sizeable solo campaign there’s also the option to play co-operatively via the Squad Mode which allows you to enter the fray with two friends. It’s a good idea to approach this MOBA-style, building a team in which the members perform complementary roles. For example, you might want to team up a solid all-rounder warrior like Leo, a supporter like Nina to heal everybody, and a tank like Bastine. Bear in mind that each champion has an attack type as well as a class – e.g., Leo is a warrior who inflicts physical damage, while Morgan is a warrior who inflicts magic damage.

Well, to conclude it, the game offers plenty of exciting elements that you won’t find in other Battle Royale genre games. As told previously, the game makes use of logic and skills equally. The graphics and the fantasy adventure theme might not please the fans of hardcore realistic action games but it still remains worthy of a try!

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